“But, Guys, What is YAS?”

Glad you asked.  “Yas” is derived from the English “Yes” often paired with “Qwaaaiiiin” derived from the english “Queen” which in certain circles refers to men of a homosexual persuasion.  “Yas Queen” is about expressing support and affirmation when someone sheds fear, doubt, and worry, and steps into their best self and owns it with confidence. Here at KingSizedQueens we seek out experiences, stories, moments, bits of tid, expressions, images, etc that inspire the “YAAAAAASSSSS” exclamation.  Thus, the mantra “Live Your Yas” is an encouragement to all peoples to make the choices and own the experiences that express your truest self without judgment, fear, or doubt and enjoy the freedom of Authenticity.

KingSizedQueens is our way of living our Yas.  We’ll be putting out content aligned with our interests and passions and want to encourage and support others to do the same.  Have an idea but no resources? Share it with us! We’ll see if we can help! Find that which makes you tick, that which lights you up, and live it.