We’re a gay bear couple living in Broomfield, CO (its close to Denver) with our 2 adorable pups: Hera and Beanie.  The dashing bald bear is Paul and the ever-adorable cub is Jon. We have a wide range of interests including but not limited to Sports, Video Games, Electronic Music, Dancing, Comedy, Travel, Food, Personal Growth, Hiking, Art, and Theater, basically all the same shit everyone is into but can't engage in at the moment because of covid-19, am I right?! (WEAR A MASK!!!)

We’ve been hard at work on a couple of projects that are all about us living our yas.  Check out the other pages for more information about our Queens of the Court podcast and our KSQ Gaming launch.  We’re super excited to be sharing content aligned with our interests with you all and hope that you enjoy the King Sized Queens experience.  Everything about this project is designed to be interactive and that only works if you reach out and connect with us! I promise we’re super friendly unless our favorite teams are losing and/or we’re having a bad gaming day and/or we haven’t eaten enough and/or had a bad night’s sleep...the list goes on but I digress.  Point is, we’re human, you’re human, let’s do human things together.

We also do parties. Hire us to come in, hang out at your party and turn any dull occasion into a Yaslife Event (every party needs a bear couple...trust) We’re cheap.